7 Countries with the Worst Orphanages in the World

We should give you a fair warning at the very beginning. Don’t read Insider Monkey’s article about 7 countries with the worst orphanages in the world unless you have a strong stomach. These orphanage horror stories are appalling and disturbing because they are completely true.

What is wrong with today’s world? One would think that old orphanage abuse stories are a matter of the past. Everyone still remembers one of the worst orphanages in America and its abuse stories. The Tekakwitha Orphanage was finally demolished in 2010. Or the horror of the Ungerini Home for the Incurable in Romania. It was an orphanage for children with certain disabilities. They weren’t treated properly, to say the least. The horror story went viral after an adopted orphan shared his life story with the world. Let ‘s just say it took 13 operations to offset the effect of the institution. Another candidate for one of the worst orphanages in Europe is the infamous Mazanovsky orphanage in Russia. The footage of a member of staff beating children went viral in 2013 and brought attention to the inhumane living conditions.

As we have mentioned, this article with its harsh truth is far from a pleasant read. All the stories are pretty recent.  Children experience all kinds of torture from the staff or from other children. Abusive behavior is a model that is quickly adopted. You shall see what was the reason for 43 girls burning down to death last year, and how children are exploited for luring foreigners and organizations into giving money to charities which never reach children.

The video footage is provided, but don’t bother watching if you can’t stand the sight of children with mental disabilities crowded in one room.

Next time you’re feeling sad or annoyed, just read about  7 countries with the worst orphanages in the world and count your blessings.


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