7 Easiest IKEA Furnitures to Assemble

IKEA. Isn’t it just wonderful? Everything is so affordable and simple. But by the time you open the box at home, the nightmare begins. If you’re sick and tired of those confusing IKEA furniture assembly tips, try something from our list of the least complicated furniture,  7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble .

The Swedish furniture company is one of the best known of its kind in the world, probably due to their inexpensive products. Most of the merchandise is meant for an average consumer. A wide variety of choice, interesting pieces, moderate prices – these are only some of the reasons why people keep coming back to IKEA stores. Some IKEA facts: one-tenth of all British furniture comes from IKEA. It’s estimated that one in five children in the UK was conceived on an IKEA mattress. As for the 2017 numbers, they’re pretty impressive, too. 2.3 billion people visited their website last year, and 936 million people paid a visit to one of their stores looking for the perfect item to fit their home. Their 400th store was opened in Europe, and the final number so far is 403 stores worldwide. You and your friends have already been to the one in your town, haven’t you?


Now let’s talk serious business. If you’re going to buy anything from IKEA, then reading this article is a must. Your time is already precious, so why wasting it on long instructions and manuals? The secret to the items from this list is that they belong to IKEA snap together furniture. A simple and revolutionary movement saves your time, and keeps you in the good mood, too. No more reading, sweating and freaking out over the mess in your bedroom.

Now, check  out  7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble and see how life indeed can be simple!


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