7 Types of Prostitutes in India, Philippines and Amsterdam

“The oldest profession in the world, as they call it, has always been the subject of debate. It is not just the morality of it that is being discussed, but the legal status sex work should have. I believe that the most ironic aspect of it all is that a group of people who are in no way familiar with the lives and struggles of sex workers decides on whether providing sexual services for money should be legally permitted or not. Much like when the decision on the legal status of abortion is being brought, a group of male politicians gather and decide whether a woman should be allowed to abort her child.”

Everyone likes to discuss controversial topics which is why reading on 10 countries that will legalize weed next and 7 Types of Prostitutes in India, Philippines and Amsterdam is a fun way to feed your brain with useful information. In case you want to win your next debate on legalizing weed or prostitution, these are a must-read.



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