8 Best, Cheapest Animal to Raise for Meat and Self Sufficiency

Here’s a must-read for all meat eaters with some extra space in their backyards! Insider Monkey’s article on 8 best, cheapest animals to raise for meat and self-sufficiency will make sure you have great quality meat on your plate every day.

Nowadays animal farming is becoming more and more popular.  The awareness about our food and desire to know the exact route of our food from the farm to our table is ever increasing. The organic vs. GMO  battle is still continuing. While some praise the food production, others are worried about the conditions in which animals live before they are slaughtered. Best farm animals to raise to make a profit is not the topic of this research since it mostly focuses on animals which require minimum space, and not necessarily the greatest revenue (though the list can be quite helpful with it, too). Another burning question would be what farm animals are being fed with. Consumers wish to know what the animal was eating on a daily basis.

The article gives a list of animals which require minimum space and can actually be kept in your backyard. Of course, some are larger than the others, but sometimes a plain old bathtub is all you need. Indeed, it is that simple. Which species you are going to choose eventually  is entirely up to you, but they are recommended according to one important criterion, and that is the harvest time. The sooner an animal is eligible for the harvest, the better. Considering the small space you need, it would be easy to keep even two or three species at the same time. That should make sure you are never in lack of fresh meat on your table.

Therefore, take a quick look at 8 best, cheapest animals to raise for meat and self-sufficiencyWe’re pretty sure you’ll give farming some serious thought after this.


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