8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar

Do you want to learn something new to play on guitar? How about some old school psychedelic experimental stuff like Jimi Hendrix songs? If yes, good, let’s see what are the opinions about playing Jimi’s songs.

Of course that everyone who is playing an instrument and especially a guitar and practices modern genres, develops their own style during the years. And since music is a delicate issue and rather a matter of taste, there will of course be many different opinions whether you should play this or that song, why is something complicated or not, leaving aside objective complexity of some music piece. So because of that you can always find long discussions on music forums or among musicians in general.

Concerning Jimi Hendrix, he has developed his own style that is so unique and recognizable, and that is according to many what makes his songs actually very hard to play, even though the basic composition of his songs is very simple. Anyway, on the matter of uniqueness and developing od the individual style, one of the signature chords that Jimi used a lot in his songs became known under his name ever since:

That is why it cannot be easily decided which one is the hardest Jimi Hendrix song. What also made Jimi Hendrix guitar music recognizable is the “Hendrix chord,” or “Purple Haze” chord, which became somewhat of his signature chord. And that is dominant seventh sharp ninth chord (or 7#9), and that can be heard throughout his opus.

So, the question whether you want to copy Jimi’s musical style or just to get the insight in the composition of his songs, you will probably be looking for the easiest song for the beginning. Since, as we have noted, it is all matter of rather subjective approach, we can only recommend one of the opinions we have found, and that is an Insider Monkey’s article on 8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar.





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