8 Most Successful Project Runway Designers Through 2018

Here is an article that sums up that famous question: where are they now? Of course, we’re talking about 8 most successful Project Runway designers through 2018 by Insider Monkey.

The show has been on the air for quite some time, and people still can’t get enough of it. Until the show first aired in 2004, hardly anyone understood the struggle and toil behind designing clothes. Ordering a tailored suit is one thing, but making it from scratch is a whole different dimension. It’s not all about finding inspiration for something new and daring. It’s also a challenge to transfer the design from the sketch into the real life. If you succeed in it, you’re on a good way to become a true designer. Last time Insider Monkey wrote about them, there were  7 most successful project runway contestants. Now they added one more name to the list.

It is hard to win the competition and become famous, and it is even harder to remain successful and make your own brand. However, that is exactly what these designers did. Their shows ended a long time ago, but they’re still pretty much present and living their dreams. As for the most recent winner, Kentaro Kameyama, he wasn’t included since he hasn’t declared anything about his plans for 2018 yet, but if you were watching the show, you know you can expect some surprises.

By the way, the members of the list are all millionaires, which says a lot about their business. Perhaps some are more in the spotlight than the others, but that doesn’t necessarily influence their bank account.

To sum up, the article offers a choice of people who have proved they’ve got what it takes to make it in the fashion industry, which is extremely competitive.  Check out who they are in 8 most successful Project Runway designers through 2018!


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