8 Second Careers for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

I grew up thinking how cool it would be to become a law enforcement officer and save lives everyday. Various TV shows contributed to my vision but I’ve rarely seen the other side of this stressful job. Research showed that career span of law enforcement officers is relatively short and many retire earlier than planned. Physical and psychological takes its toll and sometimes the best option is to retire but what if you miss your old job?! If you really chose this job because you love it, there is a big chance that you will miss the job after retirement.

Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 8 second careers for retired law enforcement officers   which provides you with quite a few options. Jobs for ex police officers are usually connected with security sector such as being a CCTV operator, private investigator or intelligence analyst who identifies possible internal and external threats. Recognizing the right information can save thousands of lives. Although many decide to choose similar jobs, there are always professions which are not closely connected to law enforcement. You can always start your own business and maybe live your childhood dream. In any case, options are numerous but for those who miss their old job, jobs in security sector will probably bring much more satisfaction than anything else. Don’t forget that you can also be a private investigator ready to uncover love affairs and cheating spouses. Things might become very heated if you chose this one.



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