Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Sales Hit 10 Million Mark in Opening Weekend

The biggest activity for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) this year is indeed the launch of its two new iPhones. While many analysts argued that the opening weekend sales would be below the 9 million record set by iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the new iPhones defied the odds to hit 10 million units mark this past weekend.

And focus has gone beyond the opening weekend; it could also give record sales for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in the last quarter of the year. According to Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook, the sales “exceeded their expectations”.

The bigger iPhones started selling in stores in 10 different countries around the globe on Friday with several store running out of stock due to high demand.

“While our team managed the manufacturing ramp better than ever before,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, “we could have sold many more iPhones with greater supply and we are working hard to fill orders as quickly as possible.”

Those who couldn’t get the “bigger and better” iPhones in local stores had to travel long distances to be among the first ones to snap up either the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple (AAPL)

Despite the fact that the iPhone didn’t start selling immediately in China due to regulatory delays, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was still upbeat that the iPhones would still perform well in other places. In fact, signs were already out when the company hit 4 million units in pre-orders within just 24 hours that success was waiting ahead.

The iPhones will be available in 20 more countries this week and in 115 countries by the end of the year, according to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens respectively. This means there is a huge battle for the market between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and other companies that have been producing larger smartphones such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and many others.

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