Burger King Worldwide Inc (BKW) Renounces A Famous Product: The Low Fat French Fries

Satisfries were introduced by Burger King Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:BKW) less than one year ago. According to the statement of the company at that time, the low fat French fries had 40% less fat, and 30% less calories. Satisfries has been contested since the start, as it was unclear how it was possible for Burger King Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:BKW) to stop the potatoes from absorbing fat while they were fried.

In September 2013, Burger King Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:BKW) said that the popularity of the product would determine how long it would stay in their offer. The company estimated that Satisfries were sold to more than 100 million people. 70% of the Burger King stores are already changing their menus, but the low-fat French Fries will still be available in 2500 locations.

Since now, the franchises have been obliged to sell the product, but last week, Burger King Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:BKW) allowed stores to renounce the special fries, especially in the locations where it didn’t performed well.

Burger King joined the fast-food chains rush for a health-friendly image trying to attract more people interested in low calories. According to their statement, a small box of Low-fat French fries has 70 less calories, 4 less grams of fat and 180 less milligrams of sodium compared with the regular French Fries small box. Burger King also announced that they would reintroduce the breaded chicken in their offer because of popular demand on social networks.

Burger King (BKW)

Burger King Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:BKW) reported a reduced revenue with 6.1% in the second quarter, compared with the first one, while the same-store sales stagnated. It was because of the new policy of the company, which is to offer fewer items in order to reduce the complexity of the kitchens and accordingly to reduce the operational costs. Even so, the shares rose from 0.9% to $26.38 per share. The company also lost some of its index on rating agencies such as the one at Standard & Poor’s.

Burger King has more than 7000 stores in North America, but they recently had to reduce some of their operations, especially in Eastern Europe, after an unsuccessful attempt to introduce new franchises managed by local investors.

This article has been written by Michael Stan and edited by Serkan Unal.

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