Cramer’s Favorite Dividend Picks: HCP, Inc. (HCP), Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) and Markwest Energy Partners LP (MWE)

Jim Cramer is known for his individual opinion with solid market research to support the same and last week he included HCP, Inc. (NYSE:HCP), Markwest Energy Partners LP (NYSE:MWE), Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ:PAYX) in his high dividend stock list. Cramer has recommended each of these companies at least once during the past week.

HCP, Inc. (NYSE:HCP) has dividend yield of 5.5% which puts it in the high-dividend paying stock list. Cramer was bullish about HCP and said that dividend stocks are not in fashion but HCP, Inc. (NYSE:HCP) has a huge growth potential. In second quarter 2014, HCP, Inc. (NYSE:HCP) raised its full year guidance for FFO to $3.01 to $3.07 per share and FAD to $2.50 to $2.56 per share. Further, the real estate investments amounted to $360 million for the second quarter 2014. HCP, Inc. (NYSE:HCP) has market capitalization of $18.36 billion with 90% institutional ownership.

HCP, Inc. (HCP)

Markwest Energy Partners LP (NYSE:MWE) is one of the high growth companies listed by Cramer on his Mad Money show. Cramer said that MWE maintains a terrific growth story and the company’s stock have improved by 23% since Cramer spoke with its CEO. Markwest Energy Partners LP (NYSE:MWE) has a dividend yield of 4.57% and market cap of $14.55 billion. Markwest Energy Partners LP (NYSE:MWE) announced distributable cash flow of $161.7 million for the second quarter 2014.

Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ:PAYX) is in Cramer’s good books and he gave a “Buy” rating to the company considering its continued hiring process for expansion in the United States. Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ:PAYX) has dividend yield of 3.45% with market capitalization of $15.96 billion and institutional ownership of 68%.

This article has been written by Prakash Pandey.

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