Do you ever wonder what is the story of Shaan Patel?

Do you ever wonder what is the story of Shaan Patel? The story of Shaan Patel, his Shark Tank video and SAT prep classes began in secondary school when the hero understood that he wanted to be a doctor after volunteering in the emergency room at a neighborhood doctor’s facility. With a specific end goal to get into the medical school, he required more than normal SAT scores. You can learn all how he figured out how to get the ideal SAT score, launched SAT prep organization and struck the deal with Mark Cuban by reading the full article!


The first time Shaan took SAT, he scored 1760, which was insufficient to achieve his goals. He spent a huge number of hours attempting to discover approaches to enhance his SAT record. All the hard work paid off, and next time he took the test, Shaan had scored 2400. It was an impressive change, which enabled him to enroll at eight-year BA/MD program at the University of Southern California. Just 0.02% of students figure out how to get immaculate SAT results, and Shaan was one of them. The entire SAT encounter did not just secure him $250,000 in the grant (Coca-Cola, Toyota, McDonald’s were among funders) however it was a starting motivation for the advancement of a future highly successful business.


When he showed up at Shark Tank, Shaan had a couple of achievements in his resume – an immaculate SAT record, three years at USC and one at Yale, and a growing company – biggest test prep supplier in Nevada, which recorded more than a million of dollars in the deal. Nonetheless, the Sharks saw these diverse qualities as a disadvantage – Kevin O’Leary, who has had involvement in the education business, revealed to him that he couldn’t be “part-time entrepreneur”, Lori Greiner asked him whether he wanted to be a doctor or a businessman, Robert Herjavec additionally scrutinized his devotion to entrepreneurship. In the interview for Forbes Shaan said he was equally passionate in regards to testing preparations, writing, teaching, entrepreneurship, medicine, and business.


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