EBOS Group Ltd (EBO) Increased Profit Margins, United Co. Rusal PLC (HKG:0486) and Genesis Energy Ltd (GNE) With Lower Profits

The financial year ended quite well for the EBOS Group Ltd (NZE:EBO) with an increase of 226 percent in its annual profit to $77 million. On the contrary, both United Co. Rusal PLC (HKG:0486) and Genesis Energy Ltd (NZE:GNE) recorded lower profits than market expectations.

It was an excellent year for EBOS Group Ltd (NZE:EBO) following the acquisition of Symbion Ltd. and the healthcare company reported profits of $77 million. The total revenue for the year was $5.8 billion with a 216% increase from the last year. According to an official statement from EBOS,

“The prior year results only included 18 days trading for Symbion and, therefore, year on year comparisons for our key performance indicators have been favorably impacted by the acquisition.”

EBOS Group Ltd (EBO)

United Co. Rusal PLC (HKG:0486) announced its first half-year results for 2014 with 15.7 percent lower revenue to $4.38 billion. The aluminum output for the company fell by 10.8% at 1.78 million metric ton. According to the chief executive of the company, Oleg Deripaska,

“There was a major improvement in United Co. Rusal PLC (HKG:0486)’s financial results in the second quarter compared to the first quarter, which was a result of a recovery in the aluminum price, a rise in average realized premiums, and tight cost controls.”

Genesis Energy Ltd (NZE:GNE) reported lower profits for the fiscal following a partial privatization of the company (49% stake sale for NZ$733 million). Genesis Energy Ltd (NZE:GNE) reported net profit of NZ$49.2 million with 53% drop from the last year. It reported EBITDA of $307.9 million and it would pay 6.6 NZ cents for every single share. Despite of the low profits for the period, Genesis Energy Ltd (NZE:GNE) is hoping to reach NZ$95.4 million in profits in 2014.

This article has been written by Prakash Pandey and edited by Serkan Unal.

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