Examworks Group, Inc. (EXAM), COMSCORE, Inc. (SCOR), Watts Water Technologies Inc (WTS): Top 3 Holdings of Pivot Point Capital LLC

Pivot Point Capital LLC is a private equity firm that seeks controlling positions in under-performing companies that have a high growth potential. The firm also invests in companies whose owners are retiring and would like to have new ownership and management. The SEC 13F filings of Pivot Point Capital LLC for the quarter ended September 30, 2014, indicated that Examworks Group, Inc. (NYSE:EXAM), COMSCORE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR), and Watts Water Technologies Inc (NYSE:WTS) were its top three holdings.

The top holding of Pivot Point Capital LLC for the same period was Examworks Group, Inc. (NYSE:EXAM) that accounted for a total investment of $47.95 million. Examworks Group, Inc. (NYSE:EXAM) is a company that offers independent medical examinations, bill reviews, peer reviews, care management, among other related services. Pivot Point Capital was the biggest holder of the company with 1.46 million shares, followed by Weatherbie Capital with a total of 1.36 million shares. (You can see complete list on hedge funds which hold positions on Examworks Group, Inc. (NYSE:EXAM) at the end of the third quarter).

Examworks Group EXAM

COMSCORE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) was the second largest investment of the firm, accounting for investment valued at $42.98 million. COMSCORE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) is a company that offers marketing data analytics to several enterprises, agencies, and publishers across the globe. The company analyzes what people do as they navigate the internet web, the providing useful information from such data for marketing purposes. COMSCORE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) reported a $0.38 in earnings per share on a revenue of $82.10 million for the third quarter of 2014, beating consensus estimates of $0.34.

Watts Water Technologies Inc (NYSE:WTS) was the third largest investment of Pivot Point Capital LLC, with investment valued at $28.7 million. Watts Water Technologies Inc (NYSE:WTS) is a renowned provider of heating, plumbing, heating, and water quality solutions to a wide range of customers, including residential, municipal, and commercial settings. The stock was recently downgraded by BB&T Corp to a “hold” from a “buy” rating. Zacks is another firm that recently gave the company a “neutral” rating and has reiterated a price target of $64. Watts Water Technologies Inc (NYSE:WTS) recently came into an agreement to acquire Aerco International, Inc., in a deal which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

This article has been written by Victor Ochieng.

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