Ford Motor Company (F) Favors BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Over Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) for Sync 3, Ditches MyFord Touch

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is rolling out an all new Sync 3 next fall. With the new in-car connectivity platform performing more like a smartphone, Ford is hoping that consumers concerns with past two versions will be sufficiently addressed and satisfaction ratings will rise. According to Reuters, the most recent version of the interactive touch-screen system preceding the Sync 3 received a lot of flak from customers as per evaluations by Consumer Reports magazine. Customers complained the infotainment system was too complicated, clumsy, and causing distraction.

Complaints notwithstanding, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Sync infotainment platform is considered the leader in the market. It was initially rolled out nearly eight years ago, with automakers responding to demands for in-car connectivity. Sync 3, the latest version,  is shedding off the name MyFord Touch. Analyst Mark Boyadjis of IHS Automotive notes that replacing the name “MyFord Touch” with “Sync 3” is an intelligent move that will help in eradicating the criticisms associated with the past version of the system. Ford has spent almost 18 months to come up with the details of Sync 3, taking into account about 22,000 direct feedbacks from customers. Sync 3 is expected to be available next year for 2016 model vehicles, and  roll-out in North America is estimated to complete by the end of 2016.

Ford Motor Company (F)Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Sync 3 will use the QNX operating system by BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY), replacing Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s software technology that was used in the past version. According to Ford, customers can expect a simpler Sync 3 that is faster and more intuitive. Its screen will have the same 8-inch size, but will sport a smartphone navigation system with larger text, bigger touch icons, and brighter background colors. Voice response system is also enhanced, and iPhone users can take advantage of seamless integration with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s SIRI virtual assistant technology. Sync 3 achieves simplicity by “reducing the number of things on-screen”, according to Parish Hanna, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s human-machine interface global director. She added that it will also make control easier as it decreases the number of times a driver has to take a look on the screen.

This article has been written by Nonito Guntan.

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