Ford Motor Company (F) Recalls 850,000 Cars Because of Software ‘Hiccup’

The American automobile behemoth, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), has this year been forced to recall about 850,000 cars for repair. The recall is due to a software snag detected on the company’s latest releases. The potential fatal problem is with the restraint control module. The module is responsible for the deployment of the supplementary restraints like the airbags and the safety belt pretensioners.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) says that the software malfunction may cause a delayed deployment of these deployable restraints in the occasion that the vehicle suffers a collision, making it life threatening.

However, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) maintains that there hasn’t been any report of accidents involving the said vehicles yet.

Ford Motor Company (F)

The affected vehicles are mostly of the 2013-2014 release. These include the latest versions of the Ford C-Max, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, and the Ford Lincoln MKZ. Most of the recalled vehicles were sold within the U.S. with the number totaling to a staggering 745,000 vehicles. Canada accounts for about 82,000 while Mexico has 20,000 vehicles affected by the recall.

The number of recalls has been high this year with General Motors Company recalling more than 15 million vehicles. The latest recall by General Motors Company came last week when the company recalled 220,000 vehicles over a break defect that partially engages even when not needed.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has given an assurance that the said cars will be fixed for free. This includes other problems that may arise from the failure of the restraint control module. The company further explained that indicators such as the warning lights should alert owners of these problems.

The company says that owners of the defective vehicles should be able to get the recall alerts any time soon. Owners should also be aware of the warning indicators for faulty systems and contact a ford service centre immediately.

This article has been written by Victor Ochieng.

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