RealD Fiscal Fourth-Quarter Box Office Receipts Slightly Above Expectations

After the markets closed on Monday, RealD released monthly box office receipts for March. Taken in conjunction with January and February receipts, RealD delivered total quarterly box office receipts of $499 million, roughly in line with our estimate of $491 million.

RealD released monthly attributable cinema box office receipts for March after the markets closed on April 14. Global box office receipts for the month were $202 million, and box office receipts for the full quarter were $499 million.

Based on the six-quarter historical licensing revenue multiplier range, we believe fiscal fourth-quarter licensing revenue will likely fall between $21.6 million and $26.7 million. RealD’s reported box office receipts for the fiscal fourth quarter totaled $499 million.

However, the applicable receipts-to-revenue multiplier can be somewhat volatile, with the true multiplier for the domestic market ranging between 3.45% and 4.78% in the last six quarters and the multiplier in international markets ranging between 5.04% and 5.81%.

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