Top 10 Countries that Have the Most Blondes and Blue Eyes as a Percentage of Population

The statistics show that around 8% of world’s population has blue eyes and blond hair. Having in mind how huge the Earth’s population is that is not a huge number. So, why is that the case? According to some scientific researches, blue eyes and blond hair appeared in those parts of the world where the sunlight is not that strong and average annual insolation is shorter than in other parts of the world. Concerning the populated areas on the Earth, the northernmost parts of it which were inhabited by people belong to Europe. That is why genes for blue eyes and blonde hair appeared here.

Interestingly, babies born of light skinned parents tend to have blue eyes to about the ninth months to one year of age. After that period, most of babies have their eye colors changed into darker hues.

But, how do the blue eye color and blonde hair occur? That question is the matter of genetics of course, like all other inheritance issues.

We all know those people whose eyes look nothing like their parents’, but there was some cousin or ancestor in their family that they resemble much to. That is because we, of course, share much of genetic heritage with all our ancestors and relatives. Speaking scientifically, blue eye color and natural blond hair are cause of recessive genes (actually alleles, which are forms of a gene) combination, as opposed to dominant genes which are characterised by darker eye and hair colors (of course, recessive and dominant genes are not only responsible for eye and hair color, but for other genetic inheritance as well).

Ok, so, this was just a warm up. To see some more interesting facts about blue eyes and blonde hair jump to the Insider Monkey’s article on it. You will also get the info on where the majority of blonde blue eyed population is located, since it also deals with the top countries that have most blondes and blue eyes as the percentage of population.


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