Top 10 Powerful Weapons

The real evolution of weapons started with the introduction of gunpowder. Muskets were the first-ever firearms. With the help of gunpowder, this becomes possible to launch different missiles at a greater distance with higher speeds – this was the real revolution in the hunting and warfare fields. Consciousness and intelligence have made man able to have consistent progress in the process of weapon manufacturing, following every revolutionary technological and scientific discovery through different centuries. Weapons were turning out to be highly dangerous, accurate, and deadly due to higher firepower. Along with human capabilities, science has been used extensively in the production of ammunition and weapons. Weapons today are made in accordance with the latest technological and technical knowledge. 

By finding out which are the highly destructive weapons resulting in mass destruction, which are the biggest nuclear bombs ever created and what is their lethality and range, which weapons were highly fatal during world wars, which type of chemical weapons are highly dangerous, and then these were improved and advanced through the science and technology available today, we have come to the list of top 10 powerful weapons, as also reviewed by Insider Monkey. 

In the list, the Chimera virus is at 10th position as the powerful weapon in the world. According to ancient Mythology, this chimera is a kind of animal made up of various parts of the body of different animals, such as griffin or a hippogriff which are explaining the virus. The Center of Veterinary Biologics has defined the chimera virus as the ‘new type of hybrid microorganism developed by combining the fragments of nucleic acid from more than 2 different kinds of microorganisms in which the fragments comprise essential genes which are mandatory for the replication process. The lethality of this new virus increased due to the joining of 2 pathogenic viruses which is the reason behind the cases when this chimeric virus has been taken into account as a bioweapon. For instance, the Chimera Project of the Soviet Union tried to unite DNA from the Ebola virus, smallpox, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus during 1980. On 9th position in the list is the Indian Agni missile which is also a powerful weapon. This particular weapon is from the family of intercontinental and medium-range ballistic missiles. These missiles are nuclear and long-range weapons that have the capability to work as a surface to surface missiles. For learning about other items in the list, you can jump to 15 Most Powerful Weapons In The World.

Top 10 Powerful Weapons

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