Top 10 Stocks For Investment

In the past, let’s say about 15 years ago, tech stocks used to be a separate industry but now technology is everywhere. It won’t be wrong to say that technology has become an integral part of our lives. Wherever you go, be it an office, industry, factory or whatever, everything that is done and accomplished is through a technological gadget. Industrial equipment like batteries, automobiles, light bulbs, thermostats and several other things are all produced through technological methods. In the future, technology will disrupt each and every segment of the society, be it banking, construction, insurance, healthcare, education or industries. Whenever there is a boom in a particular sector, people eagerly side with that area and try to reap as much benefit as possible. So, as we are living in a technological era, the best stocks should be derived from the tech industry. Tech stocks witnessed an unstoppable upward trend since the internet and PCs gained widespread popularity. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, earlier this year, tech stocks gained more popularity as work-from-home concept, online shopping and etc became more popular. Things are likely to remain the same by mid 2021 until the pandemic threat subsides. Let’s start reviewing the Top 10 stocks for investment below in this article as shared by Insider Monkey.

Apollo Global Management, Inc. stands 5th on the list. The firm is responsible for asset management and it is one of the major companies of Tiger Global Management.

According to tech billionaire Chase Coleman, it is good to invest in Apollo Global Management stocks at this moment. Sources claim that the hedge fund invested US $1.5 billion in 33.9 million shares of the Apollo firm. During the past 1.5 years, shares of Apollo Global Management witnessed a 200% upward trend. Besides being a good investment option, the firm often announces lucrative dividends for investors.

The world’s biggest e-commerce company stands 4th on the list of the top 10 stocks for investment. Earlier this year, Amazon shares rose higher due to global intermittent lockdowns and increasing trends of online shopping. Amazon is all-time favourite for investment. Management firm, Tiger Global, raised its investment to 604,800 shares which costs around US $ 1.90 billion. Tiger Global raised its investment by meagre 1% in Amazon. To keep reading more about Best stocks for investment, visit 10 Best Stocks to Invest.

Top 10 Stocks For Investment

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