Top 15 Atheist or Least Religious Countries in the World

The number of religious people around the world is in decline, and for the first time, there is a country that can be marked as the “officially atheist country”, with more people who marked themselves as nonbelievers. As you probably already suppose or have read somewhere, this is also the least religious country in Europe – her Majesty Norway.  In this country, even 39% of people say that they are non-believers, while only 37% say they are believers. We even discussed the similar issue, in our list of 11 Countries with Highest Atheist Population, so it might be interesting to compare. What is also interesting is that the number of believers in the United States of America is also decreasing, as one recent survey has shown that the number of atheists has doubled over the last 25 years, and the number of those who no longer pray has risen five times. An interesting research has also been conducted by Pew Research Center regarding the atheism in America, and among all interesting statistics it provided, it also said that about 53% say it is not necessary to believe in God to be moral.

I am sure that, religious or not, you should definitely know about the top 15 atheist or least religious countries in the worldso read our list and learn something new.


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