Top 20 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time

“Apart from being the world’s biggest producer of coffee and from having Jesus Christ look over its capital, which has become the signature image of the country, Brazil is also one of the biggest exporters of best soccer players. While in the rest of the world soccer remains a secondary thing, in Brazil it has become embedded in the very tradition. Given its presence in the Brazilian culture, it has become a way of life for many. Work is not given priority when Brazilian national soccer team is playing, and it is probably the only time when streets are deserted. Brazilians take great pride in the achievements of their soccer team, rightfully so, and are probably the most passionate supporters. They practically invented dribbling and their distinctive style of playing makes you support them even if you are in no touch with Brazil whatsoever.”

Regardless of whether you are into soccer or not, there are certain players whose names you simply can not miss hearing in any discussion of this sport. They are the players whose names are written in history books and whose moves and scores are to be remembered for generations to come. When watching them play, your perception of soccer changes. What they do seems to be a form of art, that which calls for admiration and leaves you in awe. It is no secret that a lot of world renowned soccer players come from Brazil and have played for Brazilian national team at a certain point. In its recent article, Insider Monkey provides its readers with a list of Top 20 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time. The article provides some details from players’ biographies, while also giving you the opportunity to enjoy watching some of their best moves. Pele came at the top of the list as the best Brazilian soccer player of all time. No surprise there. To see which are the other 19 names that have made it to the list, check out the article.



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