Vitesse Semiconductor (VTSS), Finisar Corporation (FNSR), EMCORE Corporation (EMKR): Top 3 Holdings of Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC

Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC, This is an independent money management firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a investment adviser. The firm focuses on long term investment, holding good companies for at least three years. The company focuses on investment opportunities that provide security to the clients. The firm submitted its SEC 13F Filings on November 4, 2014, for the period ended September 30, 2014. The filings indicate that Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS), Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ:FNSR), and EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR) are the company’s topmost investments.

Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS) came forth as the biggest investment of Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC, for the third quarter, with investment amounting to $13.19 million. Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS) is a fabless supplier of high performance integrated circuits (ICs), application software, and turnkey systems solutions used in Carrier, Enterprise, and Industrial Internet of Things network applications. The company together with Aquantia has launched its first turnkey 2.5G Ethernet switch product offering, which aimed for enterprise-class Wi-Fi connectivity. The company’s topmost institutional shareholders are Raging Capital Management LLC, Kopp Investment Advisors LLC, and SENVEST INTERNATIONAL LLC.

Vitesse Semiconductor VTSS

Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ:FNSR) was the second biggest investment of the firm, representing $99.97 million in investment. Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ:FNSR) is a company that provides fiber optic subsystems and networks performance test systems. The systems are to enable high-speed data communications over local area network and storage networks. The company’s top three shareholders are Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors), The Vanguard Group, Inc., and Capital Research & Management Co. (Global Investors). Some of the subsidiaries Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ:FNSR) are Optium Corporation, Finisar Israel Ltd, Finisar Singapore Pte. Lte.

EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR) came out as the third biggest investment of Kopp Investment Advisors, LLC, accounting for $88.52 million in investment. EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR) is a provider of a wide range of products for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite and terrestrial solar power markets. These products serve telecommunications networks, cable TV, terrestrial power generation, and more. The top three shareholders of EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR) are Becker Drapkin Management LP, Kopp Investment Advisors LLC, and Nokomis Capital LLC. A few of the company’s subsidiaries are K2 Optronics, Inc, Opticomm Corporation, Corona Optical Systems, Inc, among many others.

This article has been written by Victor Ochieng.

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