What are some facts about Master Sommelier?

If you are intrigued about different aspects of being a sommelier and often ask the question: what are some facts about Master Sommelier? then this is a perfect article for you.

Are you one of those people who can tell the stories lost in the wine? Do you have the capabilities to different notes in wine? Can you tell if it is sweet, rich, spicy, oaky, young or old? Can you successfully a pair with a certain wine? Do you like so savor all the flavors in a perfect wine alone? If the answer to all these questions in yes, then you have what it takes to be a good sommelier.

In order to be a sommelier, you should absolutely love wine and completely understand it from the very first glass. Everyone is crazy about wine but not everyone can understand different notes in it. Wine has been making people happy since 8000 years ago and it is still going strong. Since there is a lot of advancement and more options available to people now, modern restaurants are hiring a modern sommelier to help their customers pair up their food and wine. The job of a sommelier is also not a new one. Historians state that sommeliers date back to about 12th century. However, in those times it was the job of a royal butler to get the right wine for court.

The first and foremost question that everyone, interested in being a sommelier asks is how to be a sommelier? Well, the first thing that a person has to do is to register for classes and then take a couple of exams. The registration is only possible when you have at least three years of working in wine services or any other food or hospitality related area. After registrations, there are some introductory course, some certification exams and them some advance classes and exams. The short story is that the path to master sommelier is not easy.

Not only becoming a sommelier is a lot of hard work, it is also very expensive. The person has to clear four levels. The cheapest of these courses cost about 525 US dollars and the final and most expensive one cost 1500 USD. Since becoming a sommelier cleans you out, luckily you can make all that money back when you are done. The average salary for a sommelier is around 47k USD and as you move up a ladder and become a master comelier your salary can get as much as 150 USD.

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