What are the best countries to backpack alone?

Most people hate confined to one place and love to travel and discover new places and experience new things. However, not everyone has a lot of money to spare to travel around the world. So if you like to travel alone and within a budget, you should know What are the 10 best countries to backpack alone.

Backpacking around different lands alone can be really fun as you can do whatever you want and run your own schedule. It feels good to pick up the bag and go somewhere you have never seen before. There is something in spontaneous traveling that could be so relaxing and refreshing. For the young souls, this could be a very exciting thing. Traveling with a group can be very confining as you have to stick to the schedule that is designed to accommodate many other people.

The problem is that there are some disadvantages of traveling alone. Therefore, a great thought should be given to the choosing the destination. While choosing the place to travel with your backpack alone it is important to make sure that the place is safe. Also, the destination has to be full of people that welcome tourists and the travel cost are something you can afford.

Judging the locations according to the criteria mentioned above, one of the best places to travel alone with your backpack is Sweden. Sweden is one of those places in Europe that attract the highest number of tourist during the holiday season. There are wide stretches of forest, old beautiful castles, and wide open lakes. It is a very safe country to travel and people are very happy and welcoming.

Another great place to travel alone with your backpack is Costa Rica. It’s amongst the biggest tourist attractions in South America. It is rich in culture and has beautiful and well maintained natural land spaces, mangroves and forests brimming with nature’s finest things. There are various adventurous activities you can choose from including surfing, rafting, spelunking and amazing jungle excursions. Travelling is very cheap including the entrance fees.

However, the best place to travel alone on a low budget is Denmark. According to various surveys, Denmark is the safest place on earth. You can do great things both on water and land. There are great natural water bodies to for a perfect swim or enjoy an exhilarating hike or a peaceful walk.

For more amazing places check out Insider Monkey’s list of 10 best countries to backpack alone and get your adventure started.


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