What are the Most annoying YouTube Videos Ever?

The Internet is a great place to share great things but the foolish people around the globe have messed up this place by posting silly posts and annoying videos. People who ask What are 10 most annoying YouTube Videos Ever should see the entries here.

It is just a mystery what drives sane people to look at these insane videos because mostly these insane videos get viral and break most of the viewing records. Anyone who says that he or she hasn’t seen at least one of the top ranked annoying videos in YouTube is definitely lying. Because there comes a time when almost everyone has at least once surrendered to one of these eyesores.

One such video is ‘My name is Boxxy’ and let us warn you, it is basically a young teenage girl spewing out filler sounds along with unnecessary words which make her little speech incomprehensible. The thing that makes it very annoying is that not only she is incapable of stringing up a sentence without using a million ‘uhm’s in there but also she is hyperactive. She is trying to be fun and cute but her speech and energy make the whole thing a very annoying ordeal.

Speaking of young teenage girls being annoying, how could anybody forget about Rebecca Black and her annoying little song. So it is basically an auto-tuned song about Friday. The lyrics seem to be written by a kid who is five years old and annoyingly nasal monotonic voice of the singer makes it even worse. Listening to this song for more than 5 seconds makes you want to bang your head on the screen no matter how nonviolent you are.

However, none of this tops the annoying video of a cat flying through space. Nayan Cat 10 Hour video is basically unavoidable and anybody who says that he hasn’t seen it is lying. It is basically a video of an animated cat, flying in the space, blushing, leaving the rainbow trail behind it and there is a very nasal and annoying chant playing behind it. The thing that makes it even more annoying is that nothing else happens and nothing changes. The beat, rhythm, and everything just stays the same for 10 hours. It even has its own website which actually is just music and video and nothing else. Just non-stop Nyan Cat.

If you think that you need to see these videos or catch up on other annoying videos in YouTube then check out Insider Monkey’s list of 10 Most annoying YouTube Videos Ever.


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