What are the 5 easiest versions of Bible for beginners?

If you are feeling a bit spiritual and you need guidance so you need to know what are the 5 easiest versions of Bible for beginners. If you need to find about your religion or explore more of it then Bible is your best and most unbiased option.

Going through a Bible is not only beneficial for the followers, but the agonistics, people of other religions and even the atheists can use it for their research. It is a fascinating book to read and can help you in so many ways. It provides you with a new insight into the history of the world. Around 5 billion copies of the Bible had been sold and is the book that is most read in the whole wide world. It is translated to around 630 languages and also partially translated into a few thousand languages.

One good version of Bible is Good News translation. It is a famous version specifically for children. It is perfect for kids learning English because it has text that is easy to read and understand. It was translated by people who wanted Bible to be in common language. This was published in 1976 and brings the messages and story of Bible to children in a language that they can understand.

Common English Bible is also a very popular and easy version. The best thing about this is that it is for everybody to read and understand and thus it is the best option for people who are beginners. All the scriptures and the verses are made easier to understand by translating them into non-complex sentences which require very minimal effort to understand. The reader can get the message directly without an effort of deciphering the difficult and comprehend-able quotes.

If these two are not good enough for you, you can certainly go for the New American Standard Bible which is literally the easiest and most readable version of Bible. The New American Standard Bible has gained numerous loyal followers throughout the years. The reason behind this massive number of followers is the fact that it is the easiest version of the bible there is along with its literal beauty which is actually present in the version of King James. The feel and beauty of the actual bible verses along with the language that can be understandable in the modern world are what takes it among the top versions of Bibles we have today. It, therefore, is a great book for people who are beginners and want to get the actual gist of the message in the book.

If you are looking for more versions of the bible to choose from as a beginner then check out the 5 Easiest Bible Version to read and Understand for beginners on Insider Monkey.


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