What are the 7 best Cooking YouTube Channels to watch?

Are you one of those people who like to do amazing things to their food and you need creative ideas all the time. If yes, then the best thing for you right now is to know what are the 7 best Cooking YouTube Channels to Watch.

If you have that knowledge, then you can make sure that your pie crust is always perfect and you can feel like a MasterChef at home. Even if you are not good at making something as simple as an omelet, these channels can definitely help you become an impressive cook in no time. These channels not only give you the best ideas for your food but they also make it look so easy and that defiantly boosts your confidence when it comes to trying something new. So anytime you want to make something healthy for your children or just something special for a date night these channels could be very helpful.

If you love baking delicious cakes that also look a million bucks, ‘How to Cake It’ is the channel for you. This has started by Yolanda Gampp in 2015 and she teaches the viewers to magically transforms your cakes to look like anything but cake. With her brilliant baking skills, she was able to win over two million subscribers in almost a year only. Every Tuesday she uploads a video showing her viewers how to make a themed cake or make your cake look like a turkey sandwich or something else.

If you are a lover of traditional English food Jamie Oliver is your best option. Jamie Oliver is out there since 2006 and has is a window into the kitchen of famous celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Jamie Oliver’s Channel cover all the holidays and post appropriate recipes. If there is nothing special you can always find tips and tricks to make your everything you cook flawlessly. So if you need a chocolate soufflé to make the new year’s eve special all help you need is available on Jamie Oliver’s Channel.

However, the best food channel on YouTube is ‘How To Cook That’ which started in 2011 by Ann Reardon. Every Friday this woman shows us fun ways to make delicious desserts and cakes complex looking dishes. Her favorite ingredient to work is chocolate and she is always seen twisting and turning it into different and creative treats. She always cooks up something unique and she does it from the scratch and this makes it the best channel on YouTube.

If you need to know more about more channels check the out list of 7 best cooking YouTube Channels on Insider Monkey.


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