What are the best art documentaries on Amazon?

Art is not just a skill; it is a form of expression. Art can express emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement through photography, painting, songs. Art like science is also a controversial subject, as there are many forms of art which are considered un ethical like graffiti. Graffiti is street art is mostly frowned upon by people. But there are many who loves graffiti. They admire it more than any other form of art. Art documentaries are fascinating to watch as they help to build an inspiration in an individual. If you love art then you will have to know what are the best art documentaries on Amazon.

There are many concepts in art. One of them is conceptual art. In this concept, the idea behind the art is more important than the actual representation. There are many pictures in the galleries who are just plain blank or just have a dot on it and people are fascinated by them. Abstract for example, is a pattern of colours which don’t represent anything but just a plain idea of something.

Art is a very subjective thing. If someone discards one thing as art that doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Everybody has a different opinion of art. Anything you make is an art. Art is the easiest way to express yourself.

If you love art so much, you will love these documentaries on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime doesn’t have a lot of documentaries. There are almost 44 documentaries out of which these 11 were selected.

If you are a poet or love poetry, If the Poet is the best documentary for you. This documentary follows the story of Ian French, 50-year-old Canadian who decided to do something about his love for poetry and try out in the harsh world of poetry slam. After many hardships, he won the world cup of poetry in France.

Fashion and photography are loved by many people. If you are one of those people documentary on the life of Helmut Newton will be enjoyed by you. The documentary Helmut Newton – Frames from the Edge got 5 rating on it.

New York is famous for its diversity. Opening opens you to the world of creativity in New York. The documentary has the rating of 5 and was rated by 2 users.

If you are an art lover and you love watching documentaries, then check out the complete list of 11 best art documentaries on Amazon Prime on Insider Monkey.


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