What are the best classic poems for children to memorize?

Poems are an integral part of children’s lives. Children have evolved with the evolution of technology. Today’s generation spends more time looking a tablet or a mobile screen than the previous generations. Kids today know how to operate a mobile, better than us. My 2-and-a-half-year-old niece doesn’t even sleep till she is done watching her poems. This is a benefit to some extent but is more troublesome. If you are interested we call tell you what are the best classic poems for children to memorize.

Children of today are missing a huge part of their lives because they are constantly looking at the screens. During the 90’s, the kids only had a few hours to watch cartoons and poems, but now thanks to the mobiles and the internet a kid can watch cartoons any time they please.

Parents of previous generations say that it was easy to up bring a child in their time, The children would wake up, go to school, come back have lunch, take a little rest go out to play in their streets, come back do their homework have dinner and time for bed. But now it is more than that. Children now have their practices and other school activities that are compulsory for them to attend.

In this demanding time, teachers are focusing on poems more than ever. Poems are little rhymes through which children can learn basic etiquettes which otherwise children do not pick easily. Here are 9 classic poems that every child must learn.

A father is a children’s hero. They are capable of doing anything in their power to make their child smile. This is described in a funny manner in the poem Daddy fell into the pond by Alfred Noyes. The important lesson given in this poem is that life is full of embarrassing moments but those moments do not define us. We should get up and move on with our lives because later in life these embarrassing moments become happy moments.

A crocodile is a predator by nature, in the poem How doth the little crocodile the writer shows the nice manners and good looks of the crocodile but the crocodile is bad in nature and he waits for the fish to come to him so that it can eat it.

Kittens are the cutest creatures created on the earth. The poem Two little kittens revolve around two kittens who are fighting over a mouse. Due to the chaos, the owner kicks them out in the snow and then they realize they need each other to survive. This poem teaches the kids about team work and people should not be selfish.

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