What are the best Commuter towns in New Jersey to New York City?

New York is a great town to live in but the only problem is that it is very expensive and that is why it is important that you know what are the best commuter Towns in New Jersey to New York.

Living in New York is great. People who get used to New York rarely find satisfaction elsewhere. But since it is a very big city so there is a lot of commutes. Especially if you have kids then it is better to move to suburbs like New Jersey. In that case coming to New York for work and what not can be very expensive not to mention extremely expensive. If the thought of moving to New Jersey scares you then you should consider other options that can be better.

One such option is Moonachie. It is a great place to move with a family because the commute time from Moonachie to New York is only 38 to 45 minutes. It has a population of about 2,800 people which is perfect for a small town. The one-way commute from Moonachie to new York usually cost about 4.50 dollars which are not so bad.

Another great town is the West New York. The best thing about this is that it is about 15 to 18 minutes away from New York. This gives you the benefit of living in New York without actually having to live in New York. The population of this town is about 53,400. To travel one way from New York to West New York all you need to do is spend 3.50 dollars.

If you think that West New York is not close enough to New York, you can always choose Secaucus. It is about 13 to 15 minutes away from New York and has a population of 19,100 people. The cost of the one-way commute between Secaucus and New York is as low as three dollars and fifty cents. This town, like West New York, provides the benefits of a city from outside the city. The small community provided a great place for raising the kids. The family life is stable because of the absence of hubbub of the big city.

There are other great options for you as well and so see them you would have to go to Insider Monkey and check out of 10 Best commuter towns in NJ to NYC. The list consists of all the towns that you can live in without moving too far away from the city.


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