What are the best documentaries on YouTube?

When the word” nature” is used, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating creatures, dangerous adventures comes to mind. Unfortunately, not everybody has both the energy and money to discover the beauty of the world. In this case, documentaries come to our rescue.If you like nature documentaries we can tell you what are the best documentaries on YouTube.

Making a nature documentary is not an easy task. It is not just the beauty and the colors we see on our screens. The documentary film makers must be bold, patient and skilled.  They must trek through huge mountains, travel in the scorching heat. That perfect shot that we all are on is not easy to capture. They sometimes wait for hours, maybe even months to capture it. Steve Irwin is the perfect example of the danger that is associated with the job. He died during the production of his documentary” Ocean’s Deadliest” when a stingray punctured his heart and he bled to death. It is the only time when a fatal stingray attack was captured on video.

Everybody is not blessed with the patience and skill. When such a person tries to make a documentary, they start looking for the easy ways out. Many impatient directors are known to make the close-up shots in the zoos or sanctuaries. Then there is always staging. White wilderness a Disney production is an exemplification of staging. In the documentary, it was shown that lemmings mass migrated and committed mass suicide in the Arctic Ocean. The documentary could have excelled but the problem was that the species of lemmings that was shown do not commit mass suicide. Later, it was discovered they were pushed into the water.

The documentaries mentioned in the list are all available on YouTube. Gaze through our list of 13 Best nature documentaries. You’ll thank us in the end

March of the Penguins is a natural love story of penguins. Each year penguins older than 5 years leave their natural habitat and go to the breeding ground to find their mate. After mating and the egg is hatched, one of the Penguins goes back to the ocean and again to the breeding area to feed their young.

Led by Werner Herzog Encounters at the End of the World explores Antarctica and its people. Fascinated by the icy patch of the world? You’ll love this documentary.

Climate change is a controversial topic. James Balog traveled through the arctic and left camera’s there in hope to capture the change in glaciers and results were astonishing. Chasing Ice got a rating of 7.8.

If you don’t find the documentary you like to watch here, then check the complete list of 16 best nature documentaries on YouTube at Insider Monkey.


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