What are the best Esty shops for Nurses and Nursing students?

Being a nurse full time can be tiring and wearing the same uniform that everybody else wears, one can feel they have lost their individuality. Nurses are entitled to take care of patients but they should also take care of themselves and have a little fun. Customizing your uniform not only provides you with a sense of individuality but it also brings out positive vibes for you. Everyone can go through their shift with or without glitters on their badge, but why do it without the glitter if you can with it? If you need we can tell you what are the best Esty shops for Nurses and Nursing students.

Online markets are now very common and Etsy is now one of the most popular online places with millions of registered Etsy users, both buyers and sellers. Within the art, craft and vintage niche a buyer or seller perfectly fits.

The shops that are added into the list all sell artsy materials that are not only colorful and artistic but also useful to the nurses and nursing students. These shops can sell customized shirts, charms, jewelry, shoes, and other items necessary for the nurses. All the shops have items exclusively for the nurses.

The data was collected from Scrub Mag and Roseman universities website. An average of the ranking was calculated and based on the average the list was created.

Moving on to the list of 10 Best Etsy Shops for Nurses and Nursing students

I Define Me Project is an Etsy shop from Niagara Falls New York. It was established in 2013. The shop makes customized shirts and pillows for nurses and nursing students. Moreover, if you don’t like the designs on their website you can also tell them the design you want and they’ll make it for you.

Most people think that jewelry is not for nurses or nursing students, Bonafide Beads is an exemption to this misconception. The shop was established in 2013 and is run by RN. It has a variety of beaded accessories nurses. The most fascinated thing about this shop is that the shop donates its profit to organizations working for noble causes.

Nurse Insomniac is perfect for nurses. It sells favor bags and nurse gifts made from retro-inspired nurse graphics and images. They make perfect gifts for co-workers.

If these are not fascinating enough for you check out the complete list and find out the perfect Etsy item for yourself at Insider Monkey’s list of 10 best Esty shops for nurses and nursing students.


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