What are the best-hidden bars in New York City?

If you are visiting New York and needs some good place to hang out and have a couple of drinks, then you should know what are the best-hidden bars in New York City. These hidden bars came into existence because of Christie-Pope, Sam Ross, and Toby Maloney during the probation period and are now doing great.

When some hidden bars opened up in NYC serving some cocktails made by hand the trend got a massive boom. There were several home based bars as well and the people were crazy for cocktails. Since the probation was lifted years and years ago so people wonder why we sill have speakeasy bars. Well, these days the word speakeasy is mainly used to describe the theme of the bar. These bars do not advertise themselves using fancy lights and the interior of the bars give the feeling of being inside the bar from probation era. To keep the experience authentic, the dress their bartenders accordingly and serve classic drinks, sometimes with the new and exciting twists. The playful combinations of old classics and new innovative ingredients make these places a great. Also, people drinking here in these bars enjoy the thrill of hanging out at a hideout as well as exciting cocktails.

PDT, short for Please Don’t Tell, is one of the best speakeasy bars in the New York City. It is situated on 113 St Marks and you can contact them at +1 212-614-0386. This bar takes the entire speakeasies experience to a whole new level. The door to the bar is behind the phone booth which is present a hot dog joint, Crif Dogs. They also serve some really great tater tots to their customers.

Another great place is Raines Law Room which is present on the 48 W, 17th Street in New York. This place is very plush with its fancy sofa segments. Different areas area equipped with buttons that you have to use to call a server for yourself. The bar in the back is a great wintery location. This place is perfect for second dates.

Manhattan Cricket Club is not exactly a speakeasy bar as it not well hidden as other bars. It is basically an Australian restaurant that serves great exotic drinks. These bars are made in a bar that is very cleverly hidden behind an oasis. It is present in 226 W, 79th Street and you can contact them at +1 646-823-9252.

If you need to find out more about more speakeasy bars spread around New York then check out Insider Monkey’s list of 16 Best Hidden Speakeasy bars in NYC.


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