What are the best paying jobs for high school kids in London?

As per PintPrice, the average cost of an ale in Oxford is £4. So you better get working! On the off chance that you are searching for work, check every possibility. If you are looking for a job, then you should know what are the best paying jobs for high school kids in London.

Obviously, the primary spot to look is the career center at your college. They regularly have employments available on-campus. The way we came up with our list of high paying part-time jobs for students in London was to incorporate diverse sorts of part-time jobs in London. After that, we based the salary details with respect to an hourly rate here on Indeed. You can pick different occupations here and see which one works for your interests and schedules.

If you’re heading to Oxford it’s time to check out the high paying part-time jobs for students in London. Whether you’re going to college in the city of London or just outside, you need to make some cold hard cash for your cold wet beer. You also need it for other luxuries like rent.


Harry Potter Tour Guide’s rate per hour is around £6.00 to £7.00. If you are a Potterhead then you will enjoy working as staff or a tour guide at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio.

McDonald’s staff member’s rate per hour is £5.00 to £8.00. Be a staff member of a fast food chain and remember to always wear your smile. You might get lucky sometimes and get free food!

Bartender’s rate per hour is £7.00 to £8.55. Working in a classy bar as a bartender is quite fun! Plus, free drinks when you’re not working might be in the cards.

QA Tester’s rate per hour is approximately £7.00 to £8.55. This is to test the quality of a product which not only extends to technology.  You can test the quality of a bathtub or water slide–or even non-water-based products.

Pet Sitter with an average rate per hour of £5.00 to £6.00 is one of the best jobs for pet lovers. It is like living in Heaven but better! You can avail all the chances of loving your favorite cats and dogs and any animal you love. You can work as an individual or get connected with an agency.  You must have a talent in advertising when you chose to work without an agency.

If you like this list you’ll surely love our more extended version of this list. Do read the full article about 12 high paying part time jobs for students in London on Inside Monkey.


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