What are the best penny stocks that made it big?

The rundown of the best penny stocks that became showbiz royalty positions a portion of the greatest organizations today that were offering their offers as penny stocks in the principal periods of their business improvement. Today, penny stocks are known as a standout amongst the most unpredictable market choices you can purchase. The purpose behind this is the high number of misrepresentation plots that include the stocks exchanged over-the-counter. This article can enlighten you about what are the best penny stocks that made it big.

There are no formally dressed criteria that you can use for deciding, which penny stock will become big. In the event that you need to put cash in the OTC market, you should direct a detailed research for each stock you intend to purchase. Not at all like real trades, over-the-counter don’t offer far reaching data about the stock’s history and prospects. Much of the time, you should discover the data about each organization on the web. At times this can be precarious in light of the fact that numerous little organizations don’t have their sites and you won’t have the capacity to discover them on the most well-known professional references.


As a company that produces and sells hydrogen cells, the PLUG stock’s price is growing together with the ecological awareness in the United States. For some time this company has been selling its shares for less than $1, and today their price has risen to the modest $2.25. Although this still seems quite small, many experts have stated that the Plug Power Inc. will continue to grow in the years to come. Hydrogen cells are becoming more popular in the recent years, especially after the companies like Mercedes, Hyundai, and Honda released their first fuel cell prototypes.


Another highly popular company have sold their shares over-the-counter, after disastrous collapse of the American auto industry in 2008. Back then, almost all partners of the American Axle Manufacturing have filed for bankruptcy including huge conglomerates like General Motors and Chrysler. In 2009 the AXL shares were sold for only 40 cents, and the company faced several huge strikes that further deteriorated their business operation. After the US government has bailed out the biggest car manufacturers, the American Axle and Manufacturing managed to stand on its feet. Since then the AXL recorded a solid growth of more than 5,000 percent. This stock continues to grow, together with the AAM’s revenue.


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