What are the best prison Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube?

Anybody who loves to watch season has heard about prison break and Oz. These shows display the life of people in a prison. They add some unrealistic actions to make the shows interesting. If you think these shows are not promising enough for you, let me tell you what are the best prison Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Prisons date back to the ancient Greek where a person who did morally wrong was put into the jail until death sentence or trial. Many argue that in the modern era prisons are used for the rehabilitation of the criminals but how is rehabilitation possible if the criminals are surrounded by other criminals for months or even years of their lives?  If jails used to rehabilitate the criminals, we wouldn’t still have over populated prisons. In U.S alone are about 2.2 million prisoners. In my opinion, prisons make more criminals than any other factor. Imagine a person who is captivated for a crime he didn’t commit and lives without any freedom for many years of his life. He is going to be filled with so much hatred that once he gets out of prison he will commit a crime to take his revenge.

Coming back to the topic we first took recommendations from Made Man, Prison photography and Quora. After gathering their names, we checked how many of them are streaming on Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime and YouTube. Each one was ranked as per their rating on IMDB.

Prisons effect people in many ways. This effect is shown in the Mind of Mark DeFriest. He was originally sentenced to 4 years in prison but ended up spending more than 30 years of his life in Prison due to many offenses inside the prison walls. The documentary is available on Hulu and has a 7.3 rating.

As I have said before that people are more eager to commit crime after they come out of prisons, the documentary The Farm: Angola USA explains this concept. It was made in 1998 using the example of the most secured prison in the USA located in Angola Louisiana. The documentary is available on YouTube and has a rating of 7.6

Shakespeare Behind Bars is available on Amazon Prime with a rating of 7.7. The documentary revolves around the idea that if you act nicely to the prisoners it will make a difference.

Want more documentaries on Prisons? check the complete list of 7 best prison documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime and YouTube at Insider Monkey



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