what are the best serial killer documentaries on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu?

The reasons behind why individuals end up being serial killers are as yet the subject of arguments. Some trust that those reasons have roots in science and that a serial killer is conceived that way. Others contend that it needs to do with social and emotional issues and those serial killers are moved by specific occasions and encounters in their lives. For clear reasons, the last hypothesis has more supporters. A majority of the serial killers all throughout history were victims of child abuse in their initial years or experienced other unfortunate events that left serious imprints on their mental state. Contrary to popular belief, most serial killers are exceptionally intelligent people. If you are new to this we can tell you what are the best serial killer documentaries on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.


Angel Maker: Serial Killer Queen has an IMDb Rating of 4.9 and is available on Amazon Prime. Amelia Dyer has gone down in history as one of the cruelest serial killers. It is believed that she was responsible for the murders of up to 400 infants. She would pose as a nurse willing to adopt infants or take care of them for a substantial financial reward. After she received the money, Dyer would then kill the children or let them starve. During her lifetime, she was accused of just one murder and sentenced to death by hanging. This documentary tells her shocking story.


Jack the Ripper: Prime Suspect with an IMDb Rating of 5.4, is available on Netflix. Jack the Ripper was one of the first modern serial killers who received widespread media attention. It is believed that he killed at least five prostitutes in 1888, but the number of victims is believed to be bigger. To date, he remains unidentified, although there were multiple suspects. This documentary tries to reveal the identity of the serial killer by using modern technology.


Interview with a Serial Killer with an IMDb Rating of 6.0 is available on Netflix. Arthur Shawcross, or Genesee River Killer, was a serial killer who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering 11 women, with most of his crimes taking place from 1988 to 1989. Before he committed those murders, he was also accused of murdering two children, but eventually was released. It is believed that the total count of his victims is 12. In this documentary, a psychologist interviews Shawcross and tries to get better insight into why he committed the murders and whether he felt guilty about them.


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