What are the best UFO documentaries on YouTube?

UFO stands for an unidentified flying object. The term flew up in 1953, with the US Air Force using it to depict all reports. The vast majority of those reports of UFOs end up being air crafts, balloons, clouds, or astronomical objects. Around 5% to 20% of those revealed sightings are as yet unexplained, however, which still abandons them delegated unidentified. On the off chance that you require some more visuals of UFOs, look at the 10 Most Watched YouTube UFO Sighting Videos. If you are interested we can tell you what are the best UFO documentaries on YouTube.

In case you’re the sort of individual who’s all about “seeing is believing” at that point you’ll welcome these documentaries since they provide evidence backed up with science, which absolutely will help you out in figuring out an appropriate conclusion.

To make this list of the best of the best for you to watch, we obviously searched YouTube. The best part about Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)‘s YouTube is that it’s mostly free, so you don’t need to have a subscription to enjoy the content. That’s undoubtedly why the video service has become so immensely popular, and worth as much as $100 billion according to estimates.

We sorted this list by the number of views because the ones viewed the most often are the best in at least one sense; they’re stirring up the most interest on the topic. We also provided the number of likes that each documentary has received. Of course, these numbers change daily and are likely outdated by the time you’re reading this.

Get your space gear ready and pop some popcorn before digging into the 11 best UFO documentaries on YouTube,


ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE -The Movie – Tribal Elders Speak Out – 2016 Best ET Movie is created by UFOTV® The Disclosure Network. The number of views this has gotten are 873,143 and the number of likes close to 6,300.


Ancient Alien Mystery: Nibiru III Return of The Anunnaki is created by UFOTV® The Disclosure Network. It’s viewed by almost 1,027,275 number of people and it has been liked by 3484 people.


Alien Species from A-Z: “The Second Edition” is created by Lidt Afdethele and it has gotten an astonishing number of view, around 1,246,440 and likes of around 5,711.


If you like this list you’ll surely love our more extended version of this list. Do read the full article about 11 best UFO documentaries on YouTube on Inside Monkey.


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