What are the common core multiplication strategies for kids in 3rd and 4th grade?

Common Core State Standards Initiative has released some standards that have definitely made the teaching process very easy. If you need to know about these then you should definitely know what are the common core multiplication strategies of kids in 3rd and 4th grade? If you are a teacher, then these tricks will most definitely help your students.

These regulations provide guidelines for kids of all ages around the nation. These guidelines are very specific for every grade and focus on the problems that these kids face in their everyday Math exercises. They also bring uniformity to the syllabus and makes sure that everybody knows what kind of skill set is required at a particular stage. Apart from that is also making sure that the nation is able to produce some quality mathematicians with clear concepts.

For third grades, one particularly useful concept is the ‘Equal Groups’. With the help of equal groups, you can very easily teach the proper tricks of multiplication. All you have to do is divide the number of interesting objects into equal groups. It could be anything. You can use gummy bears, action figures or candies. For instance, take ten gummy bears and make five groups of two and then tell your students to count the total which will be equal to 5 times 2. Change the number of gummy bears in each group to make sure that they get the idea behind this multiplication.

Word problems are another amazing thing for 3rd graders that can help them with their multiplication. It is a perfect way to engage their mind with stimulating scenarios. It entices the students to think about the problem, gather the data and solve it eventually. A puzzle that is cleverly worded can definitely tease their brain. They would have to go through the entire problem carefully and then solve it.

As for fourth graders, an interesting multiplicative strategy is Area Models. Students always are befuddled about multiplying two digit numbers. This can be a perfect way to show them how easily two-digit numbers can be multiplied. By showing them his simple trick we enable them to carry out the double digit multiplication without a sweat and building up their confidence for harder problems.

If you are looking for more strategies to help your students with multiplication then check out the list of Common Core Multiplication Strategies for the 3rd and 4th grade, provided on Insider Monkey.


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