What are the effects of Angel Dust Drug?

Angel dust drug cause some serious damage to human body we will answer the question ‘What are the effects of Angel dust drug?’. People who are associated with this drug are subjected to severe punishments. Once you know the effects it has on people you would not argue those penalties.

Angel Dust Drug is actually Phencyclidine (PCP) and is actually a very powerful hallucinogenic drug. It was previously used as anesthesia and it was later discontinued owing to the disastrous effects it was causing to the patients and then declared illegal.

PCP was not merely limited to tablets and powder. People smoked it, swallowed it and injected it into their blood. It was a white powder at its purest form. People mostly used to mix it with other drugs before using it. It creates a great sense of euphoria by triggering a rise in dopamine. This makes Angel Dust more attractive to the user next time and people keep using it ignoring several ugly consequences. The short-term effects of the Angel Dust drug include the slurring of speech, in coordinating muscles, rapid movement of the eyeball and increased sweats. These wear off as soon as the drug does but there are long term effects as well which cannot be ignored.

Among various problems PCP can cause, breathing and muscular problems are one. Since the muscles loose coordination a and their rigidity when a large amount of Angel Dust is taken it, this causes a lot of contractions and tremors. This can pave a way for several deformities that could be permanent or lethal. The breathing problems are also caused by the respiratory depression which can be fatal at times.

Out of all the problems that Angel Dust can cause, Hallucinations and Delusions are the worst because it not only compromises the safety of the users, it puts people around him in danger as well. The user, under the effect of Angel dust, does some very reckless things and since they have lost their ability to feel the pain they most of the times get very severe injuries and do not get them checked at a proper time. Police officers sometimes have to use two handcuffs to restrain a person on Angel Dust.

Angel Dust can also cause a lot of addiction and dependence which makes the path to abstinence a lot harder. An addict that does on without Angel dust for too long can have very painful withdrawal symptoms which include depression and suicidal thoughts.

In a nutshell, the usage of can cause irreversible damages to the body and has to be stopped immediately. To read about more effects Angel Dust drug can cause, see Insider Monkey’s list of 7 Angel Dust Drug Effects and Facts.


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