What are the most competitive pharmacy schools in America?

A College degree is just the start of your journey to becoming a good pharmacist. It takes a total of seven to eight years before you can call yourself a pharmacist. Being a pharmacist is not an easy task but it is worth it in the end. If you are thinking about going to the pharmacy school then you need to know what are the most competitive pharmacy schools in America.

To get enrolled in a pharmacy school you are required to have taken some prerequisite courses like Biology, Mathematics, Microbiology. Moreover, a good score on PCAT (Pharmaceutical College Admission Test) always provides you with an edge. The plus point of this test it does not have passing marks so colleges cannot state the minimum score. A little experience never hurt anyone. To be their favorite applicant do some internships here and there.

If you think that you have what it takes to become a pharmacist but are worried about the not so impressive marks, then search through the list and find out which school you have a chance in.

SmartClass directly took the data from American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy have listed the pharmacy schools in the US. The average GPA admitted of each school was checked. The less GPA the less competitive the school is. If two schools had the same GPA, we then checked the quality of the school and which ever had the better quality was ranked higher. Every student of a pharmacist school must take a test (NAPLEX) after graduation. The school which had the greater number of students to pass NAPLEX had the better quality. Now let’s move on to the list

Marshall University located in Huntington, West Virginia. If you are from Huntington, you only must pay $18K but if you are from outside the state you must pay merely $31,352. 3.18 if average GPA admitted to Marshall University.

The University of New England does not discriminate its students depending on if they are in state or out of state students. Both students must pay a total of $39,375. If your GPA is around 3.15 you are in luck.

Notre Dame of Maryland University has a greater ratio of the female students as compared to the male students. The ratio is 70:30 and it has an acceptance rate of 32.5%. 3.15 is the Average GPA accepted by Notre Dame of Maryland University.

If you want to find more then check out the list of 10 most competitive pharmacy schools in America on Insider Monkey.


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