What are the most in demand programming languages in 2017?

Programming is a very promising career path and if you like to code you should know what are the most in demand programming languages in 2017.

There are so many coding mediums out there and you should pick out the right one for you very carefully. The basic concepts for all the languages are same but some have functions libraries that others don’t. Nothing yet could be said about what the future of programming is going to be.

To rank different programming languages, statistics provided by IEEE Spectrum comes in handy. Another criterion to rank a programming language is to search through the internet. The more searched a language it, the more popular it is. You can also learn how popular a language is by looking at the job boards. The most popular ones will be on the most of them.

One famous programming language is PHP as it has about 1,100 jobs available. It is most famous to make the web-based application. The fact that is so famous is because it is an open sourced and a very easy platform to work on. The bad thing is that there are too many people who are very good at PHP and the market is saturated.

Another great programming language is C# and the number of jobs available for C3 is 1200. It is comparatively new language and is developed by Microsoft. It is very flashy because it is functional, modern, object-oriented and very easy to use.

You can also opt for Visual Basic.NET if you are not interested in the mentioned above. It has about 1300 jobs available. It was developed by the masterminds at Microsoft, a leader in IT industry. Visual basic.Net is great for an application that is based on NET. It can be great with XML web services, various desktop application, ASP web applications and various mobile applications.

Coding can be a great hobby which can later be turned into a very useful profession. The only disadvantage is that with new technology coming out every day, nothing is certain about the future of a certain programming language. One can never master just one language and then rule forever. However, the fact that all the basic concepts are same for all the languages helps a lot in switching from one language to the other. If you need to find out more about other popular coding languages check out the list of ’10 Most in Demand programming languages to learn in 2017’ on Insider Monkey.


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