What are the most popular websites for college students?

Surf’s up, it’s an ideal opportunity to hit the web with the most well-known sites for students. College–the time for beer and sweat-shirts that depict precisely where you are in bold block letters. Keg parties and study sessions and make out sessions (or more) abound at good old alma mater. More than anything, however, college is about learning–a super-fast free-ish internet connection. If you are a college student and you are looking for some good websites to help you with studies then you better check out this list because we know what are the most popular websites for college students.

In searching for the most well-known sites for undergrads, we needed to scour the web for general famous sites first. We searched for trustworthy sources as our starting point. For this situation, we used Top Universities, Lifehack, and Go With Tech.

We then ranked the sites specified in all sources using Alexa. Alexa is a well-known site being used by SEO specialists to decide their global rankings. Actually, the sites that rank higher in Alexa would top the list. We said things like “Alexa, tells us the best sites.” In any case, one way or another, we made sense of it. Keep reading to find out about the most popular sites for college students.


Students use College Ruled to make their class schedules online, so they manage their time better. It is also popular for launching study groups, making university and college life more fun with study buddies. The website might not be as popular, but it is always ranked as one of the most useful sites for students. Time management! Learn it now or learn it later–with much worse repercussions.


Otherwise known as the ultimate “College Survival Guide,” College Tips has, you knew it, tips and tricks supposedly needed to be able to survive and have a great time with your life at the university. What makes their tips relatable is that most, if not all, of their bloggers, are college students. From the horses’ mouth come tips on backpacks… and probably more.


If you like this list you’ll surely love our more extended version of this list of 26 most popular websites for college students. Do read the full article on Inside Monkey. Also, do read our other articles, you’ll love those as much as we love writing them for you! Hopefully, you will find something that can help you with your studies.


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