What are the neighbourhood in Brooklyn that you need to avoid?

If you are new in Brooklyn then you need to know what are the neighborhood that you need to avoid. The law enforcement officers in Brooklyn (alongside New York), alongside community leaders and above all the residents of these neighborhoods, are taking steps to effectively diminish the rate of crime in these regions and, thusly, make it a more secure place to both live in and visit. Later on, these specific scandalous neighborhoods may tidy up their lanes more, however, many won’t disregard the numerous violations that have officially occurred here. Particularly, a cop who was associated with an unpleasant shooting that caused the death of his partner. The two officers were going about their dangerous jobs one morning in 1998, hunting down a man who neglected to appear for court. The man shot and injured the one officer, who valiantly shot back, regardless of his dangerous injuries, and executed the criminal. In spite of the fact that the criminal may have what was coming to him, the officer only lived a couple of hours longer. Presently look at the 9 Neighborhoods to Avoid in Brooklyn.

On the off chance that the first thing that strikes a chord when expecting to go to Brooklyn for any reason is your well-being, which is in all likelihood the motivation behind why you are looking at the 9 neighborhoods to avoid in Brooklyn. Or, on the other hand, it could be that you’re curious and not idiotically apprehensive of a whole district made up of altogether different individuals and neighborhoods.

Kicking off my list is New York’s 67th precinct known as East Flatbush. Just glancing at the NYPD Crime Map, East Flatbush doesn’t seem like it has any more or less crime than most of Brooklyn, but from what locals and tourists had to say about it—I had to take a closer look. And from what I found, East Flatbush used to be riddled with drugs and violence. Like all of New York, the total crime in East Flatbush has dramatically decreased since the early 90’s. However, while most Brooklyn neighborhoods are getting less and less violent as the years go on this area may not be doing the same.

Although it is highly gentrified and new businesses open all the time, crime hasn’t left Clinton Hill. Fort Greene and Clinton Hill; both make up the 88th precinct. The rate of crimes for this neighborhood is 1.3419/1,000 residents; which is also rising, again over the years. Perhaps the Notorious B.IG. had something to do with these neighborhoods infamously dangerous streets. Among the many like him in the history of crime in Brooklyn, his is a well-known face to put to the many shootings that took place on the streets of Clinton Hill where he grew up. It’s neighborhoods like these ones with a history of drug dealers and gangs that bring violence that often makes outsiders view it as a dangerous place.


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