What are the oldest pizza places in New York City?


Everybody loves New York style pizza and that is why New Yorkers are so proud of it. If you want to taste the authentic New York pizza, then it is better that you know what are the oldest pizza places in New York City. The dish was originally discovered by Italians and then Americans took over and made it better.

New York style pizza is not just any old pizza that you can have anywhere. It may be closer to the original recipe but it is so much better. You know you are having an authentic New York style pizza if it has two major features. Firstly, is should be huge. It shouldn’t be anything smaller than 18 inches. In most cases, just a single slice is enough. Just fold it in half and enjoy your delicious pizza. Secondly, the crust of the pizza should be very thing. You should be able to fold it perfectly without breaking it. It should be succulent crispy and full of delicious topping.

If you want to taste authentic New York pizza, then you should definitely go to Di Fara Pizza. It was found in 1964 and has been serving great pizzas to New Yorkers ever since. What makes this pizzeria more amazing is the fact the only chef in its kitchens is its founder, Domenico DeMarco. He has been the only one who is responsible for dishing out the perfect pizzas to its customers since 1964. There is no pizza when is takes a day off.

Another worth mentioning pizzerias in New York is Ray’s Pizza. They are in the market since 1959 and have been making amazing pizzas. Unfortunately, they had gone through some controversy because most there are so many other restaurants with the same name. The original however is the on 27 Prince Street. This has caused the owner to close down in 2011 but there are still some people who go by his name and sell pizzas that are not as great.

Every New Yorker should also taste the amazing pizzas from Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern. It was first started in 1937 as a confectionery and they became a pizzeria in 1951 when the son of John Denino, the original founder, Carl Denino started serving pizza there. So if you are planning to go to Staten Island make sure that you visit the Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern because they serve the pizza that you will remember for the rest of your life.

These are some of the pizzerias that serve the best New York Style pizzas in NYC. If you think that you need to know about a couple of more fantastic pizzerias in the great city of New York then check out the list of 11 oldest Pizza places in New York city and treat your taste buds to the authentic New York Style pizzas.


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