What are the top Ivy League colleges?


To graduate from a prestigious college is almost everybody’s dream. Most people want to know what are the top ivy league colleges as soon as they reach the senior year. According to numbers provided by ETS, there are almost over half a million students in the USA who take GRE with hopes to get into a good college.

These numbers clearly show that the fight to get into a college is very fierce these days. The fact you are from an undergrad school with a good reputation can most certainly help. Apart from that, you should be sure what you want out of college. You should have a defined list of areas that you want to study. Along with this, there should be good recommendations from some your teachers. Any experience in your area of interest can certainly give you a much-needed edge in the sea of students. These things come in second. First things you have to do is decide where you want to go and write a strong personal statement for them.

One of the top ivy leagues schools America is Dartmouth College. It is ranked at number 50 in CWUR. The average pay scale for Dartmouth graduates is $119,000. Some notable alumni include JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s former Chief Risk Officer Don M. Wilson III and James Schiro of Zurich Financial Services. The Dartmouth College offers masters and Ph.D. degrees in 19 different graduate programs. These programs include Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer School of Engineering, The school of Graduate and Advanced Studies and also the Tuck school of business.

Another prestigious school is Yale University. It is number 10 on the CWUR and the average pay scale of a Yale graduate is $102,000. Among of notable alumni of Yale Univesity is Laszlo Bock, the vice president, People Operations at Google and also Jane Mendillo who is the CEO and president at Harvard Management Company. Through its 12 professional schools, it offers masters and Ph.D. degrees. Yale also offers degrees in arts through its Graduate school or Arts and Sciences. It is situated in New Haven which is close to both Boston and New York and can give peace of small cities.

Another great option is Princeton University which is ranked number 9 at CWUR. The Mid range salary of a Princeton graduate is about $131,000. Some notable alumni include the US Air Force Major General, James Millikin Bevans. There are no professional schools under its name but it still provides masters and Ph.D.’s degrees.
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