What languages are isolated or extinct?

Ever since the start, Humans have always found a way to communicate and express their thought. Every nation has a different language and all the languages of today have all evolved from past languages which are now either extinct or are spoken in only a small community. If you are curious about different languages, we can tell you what languages are isolated or extinct.

Language is the bridge that connects us all human being together. Even the deaf who can’t hear or speak have their own sign language in which they communicate. If they didn’t have their language they wouldn’t be able to communicate and express themselves at all and being the social animals’ humans are, they wouldn’t be able to survive. The way languages are acquired are questioned by many people. Many linguists, who devoted their whole lives studying languages have provided us with many answers regarding the question. Many linguists like Skinner believe we acquire language simply by observing our parents talk and surroundings. Other disagree to this and believe that humans have a predisposition to learn their native language.

Over the course of years’ languages have been isolated or died. But why does a language die? Just like there are many theories about how a language is acquires, there are many theories on why a language dies. There are a lot of theories for example when the last person who speaks a language dies, the language is buried with him. Other reason could be invasion- when a county is occupied its people are forced to learn the language.

There are many languages that have evolved and are not completely forgotten. There are many words in English that we use daily and do not realize that they are from the Greek or Latin language. Many languages are isolated from every other language. They are in no way related to any other language. Here is a list of Isolated and extinct languages

Sumerian was in use in Mesopotamia. Nobody know how it dies but one thing is for sure, and that is the death of the language. There is very little knowledge of the language.

Basque is one of the isolated languages. It is not related to any of the modern language families. It is spoken in some areas of france and Spain.

Etruscan was spoken in parts of Italy. It was replaced by the language latin which is now also a dead language. There is only a few written documents in Etruscan.

To find out more about the extint andisolated languages, look through the complete list of 10 examples of languages that are isolated or extinct, on Insider Monkey.



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