What states treat their mathematicians the best?

Mathematicians accomplish great things instead of just sit around and solve equations. Many are professors who teach math principals and after that conduct their own research when they’re not in class. They likewise work in different fields like astronomy, medicine, or robotics. It’s a genuinely immense field and it just depends on your forte and interests. If you are a mathematician then you need to know what states treat their mathematicians the best.

We used three values to decide how each state would fare as a profession and living. We considered the cost of living, which we sourced from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC); employment rates, sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); and the yearly median pay, sourced from BLS. It’s normal to take a look at the salary when hunting for a job, however, one must note that the cost of living impacts how the pay works out. That is the reason we need to take a look at both pay and cost of living together.

At last, what we’re searching for on this list are the states that have a decent balance among those three variables, which would be a place with a minimum cost of living, great salary, and high employment rates. Sharpen your pencils and prepare your calculators for the best states for mathematicians!

Massachusetts is one of the best states to mathematicians, with an annual median salary of $111,030. The cost of living is 134.7, whereas the employments are around 90.

California takes 9th position in the list of best states for mathematicians. It has an annual median salary of $118,030 and the cost of living is approximately 134.8, making it a little expensive than Maryland. However, the number of employments are great, going as far as 740!

Maryland has one of the best deals when it comes to the cost of living and employments, 125 and 330, respectively. The annual median salary is calculated to be around $132,140. I think all the mathematicians should hit the road and grab the opportunity!

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