Which ones are the best Science Documentaries on Amazon Prime?

Science is the magical gate which opens to the pathway leading to extraordinary realities. Before science opened our eyes to new discoveries, nobody was sure about why things happen. It is the nature’s way we used to say. How does a plant grow? how was the earth created? How we see or hear? Everything was the nature’s way. Thankfully to science we now have an answer to all these questions and much more like these. We can tell you which ones are the best Science Documentaries on Amazon Prime.

Documentaries are hard to make especially the one about science since it is such delicate topic and many of its theories are still controversial. Scientific documentaries must be knowledgeable as well as fun to keep the viewers interested. A plain documentary never gets enough views. Most people know about MythBusters and TopGear. Both shows are informative yet extremely funny and have a huge fan following all around the globe.

A good documentary should have all the right question in it and should explain every aspect of the topic. If it doesn’t have the right questions the documentary will not be as effective as you want it to be. The list was carefully selected after looking at each science documentary’s rating and the complete number of people who rated them. The list only contains the name of documentaries that had a rating higher than 5.

If you are looking for great science documentaries then you should watch Automatic Brain.  The magic of the unconscious mind is a documentary which explains how 90 percent of the daily routine activities are done unconsciously. The documentary was given a 4.2 rating by 209 people.

Another great science documentary is Everything and Nothing: The Amazing Science of Empty Space, this documentary is for all those who are very interested in space. It thoroughly explains how we are just a small dot in the whole space. The documentary has 4.8 rating and is loved by many people.

A very controversial documentary which has a rating of 5 stars is The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey. it plays with the idea that stem cells can be beneficial in the medical field. It talks about the ongoing research about stem cell therapy going on for the last two decades.

Science is a fascinating thing that surrounds us. It is the answer to most of our questions. If you have a logical mind that questions everything you need to check our list of 10 best documentaries on Amazon prime on Insider Monkey. I am sure these documentaries will answer most of your questions.




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