10 Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor

Don’t feel like going to work tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? A week or two off sounds nice? No problem, because here are  10 easiest illnesses to fake to a doctor!

From time to time, we all need a day or two off. Otherwise, life would just be too boring, wouldn’t it? We’d be doing our daily routines and waiting for the right time for our vacation. But that doesn’t sound like much fun. Telling a little lie to a doctor and escaping work for a few days is exciting and adventurous. Actually, it’s very good for your self-confidence to feel you can break the system once in a while. Your boss should be thanking you because you’re bound to get back to work with renewed energy and in high spirits. Also, you’ll probably be more creative (makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?).

 If you’ve already asked your boss for a day off, you did it because he or she couldn’t prove you were lying. But lying to a physician is another thing. However, there are some illnesses that are difficult to prove and are based on your word only. Also, for some of them you’ll be needing minimal props that can easily be found. Doctors themselves aren’t perfect, and they surely aren’t detectives or lie detectors. Actually, getting a doctor’s note for work could prove to be much easier than you suspected. Lots of medical workers are used to issuing notes based just on sympathy for the patient (not that you’ll be in this situation. You’ll have a perfect excuse).
In case you get cold feet and give up on your meeting at the doctor’s, you can always fake the note. The article will give you a link for one of the sites dealing with this.
Have you got some plans already? Good. Just first go through Insider Monkey’s 10 easiest illnesses to fake to a doctor!


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